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Why and how did I create adva consult? by Eric Croisy

«Technology is not an end in itself. It is a tool to create added value. To create added value is to create wealth, and that wealth should be both financial and intellectual. It must, for example, be able to generate increased revenues or market value for the company, but it must also generate a better quality of life for employees and users.

Finally, why design a new jet engine if travel is not your ultimate goal?

When studying Engineering you are, first and foremost, in an environment that encourages learning. An Engineer must be eager to learn. This is probably what directed me to this field.

An Engineer by training, I moved quickly towards the world of services, whether it was B2C; or more specific B2B. All the companies I've worked for were industrial and / or technology-oriented. Nonetheless these companies also have customers and we must meet their needs. I somehow became the link between the customer and the company producing goods or services; I became the link between man and technology. During my professional experience, I not only met gifted inventors and designers, but also visionary managers. It is exciting to work with such leaders who shared their energy with me.

By assuming increasing responsibilities, I started quickly managing people with often very different personalities. They were sales people, technicians, engineers, managers, and administrative assistants ... Managing I meant I had to lead streamline staff, as well as motivate and develop them. The purpose was to prepare them for change.

As I recruited many engineers, I realised that these profiles, competent and autonomous as they may be, do not necessarily work the same way as other profiles. As a result Engineers need to be managed differently.

In 1999, shortly before the creation of adva consult, I participated in the development of a recruitment website. Often the people I met in HR departments made very little distinction between Engineers and other managerial profiles. An Engineer does not think the same way as a financial or commercial profile. Since that an Engineer is also required to deal with finance and business, it became clear that there was an opportunity for HR services for specific industrial and technological companies. Founded in 2000, adva consult quickly oriented it business towards these atypical profiles.

Before creating adva consult, I had also recruited staff through recruitment agencies. I found that they mostly had a very generalist approach. They did not always understand the specific needs of industrial companies and as such they were not able to present candidates that were in line with the needs.

Today I can say that adva consult is the preferred partner of the industrial and construction companies.

My motto is: A good partner knows how to listen, understands your needs and gives solid advice.»
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